“What is really so very important about Tom’s artwork is that his pieces are one-of-a-kind…no two are remotely alike. Adding to that his ability to bring feeling, life and emotion to the wood makes Tom’s work distinctly exceptional.” Darrell Beauchamp, Executive Director of the CM Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana

"Thomas Dean's use of exotic woods give his work creative sculptural appeal, whilst his attention to detail and craftsmanship emphasizes his deep understanding of the natural world, that he is portraying in his work.  I am happy to give my recommendation's to all that see his work." Turnley Hoskins, Master Carver, Cornwall, England, Devon and Cornwall branch of the British Woodcarver's Association

“We have been collecting high quality original Western art for many years. I recently was privileged to obtain and purchase “Big Medicine”,an amazing bronze bison skull in a beautiful turquoise patina. Truly unbelievable! It was a pleasure to interact and work with Tom, from the time he was passionately explaining his art until the point we were sending him pictures of it prominently displayed in our home. Tom is an incredible artist and his work is a great addition to anyone’s collection.” Mark & Lisa Roelling, Simsbury, Connecticut.

“I had recently read about an artist in Cowboys&Indians magazine named Tom Dean. Without question – as described in C&I – his artwork is exceptional. I now own one of Tom’s intricately carved fish sculptures. That piece now resides in my Seattle home and is without question, the centerpiece of immediate focus in our home. Thank you Tom.” Jim & Kim Simanton, Seattle, Washington.

“I love to fish more than almost anything. Seeing one of Tom Dean’s carvings makes me think of fishing. He is a great artist!” - Steve Burke, CEO NBC Broadcasting

I have been collecting Western / Wildlife art for the past 35 years and it has been a wonderful journey – the people you meet is one of the greatest benefits & Tom Dean is one of those. Art takes many forms and I believe Tom has captured the essence of the fish and its’ environment as his sculptures come alive right before your eyes through his creative and talented hands. Tom’s art will stand the test of time and become , in my opinion, true” legacy” art objects to be respected and handed down for the enjoyment of future generations - Bill Healy, Collector of Original Western/Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“I could not help but notice the passion and sentimental value behind each piece of Tom Dean’s work...His unique work defines the spirit of Montana. Any piece from Milo Creek Carvings will be cherished for generations and generations.” - Julie Klewein, Cowboys & Indians Magazine

“How does someone take a hunk of wood and make it into a living, swimming creature that one yearns to cast a Joe’s Hopper in front of? Tom Dean somehow knows how to perform that miracle” - Barnaby Conrad, International Authur

“Tom’s ability to catch a moment in the aquatic day of trout is nothing short of grandeur. What he does with his eye and hand is to demonstrate movement, grace, and life…the life so many a self-proclaimed fisherman would, for a moment, admire and return to the stream” - David Crossley, Physician’s Assistant, Havre, Montana

“The best artists are those who have strong emotions about their subject matter and the desire, talent and compulsion to create finished works that convey that emotion. Tom has reached that bar of excellence.” - Martha Bartram Suter, Main Street Gallery, Ronan, Montana

“Tom Dean has a God given gift to create one-of-a-kind sculptures specializing in immortalizing moments in time of trout, cattails, and dragonflies in their natural environment.” - Arthur Aveling, CEO King Arthur Tools, Florida

“Tom is by far one of the most talented wood sculptors I’ve met in a long time. He’s energetic and passionate about his work, and that shows through in his carvings. He pays attention to detail and takes no short cuts with his carvings. His skill and precision in carving exotic wood makes his sculptures unique and sets him apart from all others. He has an eye for detail and knows his subject matter inside and out. He knows how to create a work of art that moves the beholder.” - Denise D’Amico, The Painted Pony Gallery, Big Sky, Montana

“Montana is home to many talented artists and Tom Dean is no exception! Tom’s works are as unique as his process. He combines natural elements, intelligent design and exquisite carving to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Tom’s pieces let you experience nature in a new, fresh way. I am proud to represent Tom’s works to my clients.” - Betsy Swartz, Betsy Swartz Fine Art Consulting, Inc.